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GV Healthcare

Working in resource-pressured NHS healthcare environments, barely managing with systems adapted to perform tasks they were never designed for, doesn't do justice for the hard work delivered by healthcare professionals.


GV Healthcare builds innovation partnerships to improve the essential but often unrecognised service areas that drive the NHS machine, including portering services, facilities management, and healthcare cleanliness.


We’re looking to build something better, together, that’s fit for purpose, now and well into the future. It takes curiosity, will and collaboration.

GV Marine

Working in the UHNW luxury marine sector quality, service and efficiency is the name of the game.  The challenge is to enhance the current onboard 7 star luxury service for owners and guests, improve safety with instant alarm notification to Engineers and crew and deliver peace of mind with asset tracking solutions all based on leading two-way radio backbone with encrypted voice and data.


The award nominated solutions coupled with a strong partnership network of some of the industries leading AV/IT and communications integrators has enable us to form positive impact in this demanding and exciting world.


We are proud to be able to deliver solutions into some of the most demanding industries in the world.  Our team listen hard and deliver the solution that makes maximum impact operationally and to those who use them.  Working with experts to deliver change is the most rewarding aspect to our operation.

GV Solutions

Long Term partnerships built on innovation and collaboration drive opportunities with some of the UK's largest companies.  From automotive to nuclear, COMAH to universities our blend of modular software and hardware solutions enhance safety and efficiency through delivery of within the Land Mobile Radio Market.

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